I started feeling neck, shoulder and back pain after working at my office job for the last 5 years. I sit 8 hours a day and it started to really affect my body and movement. I was completely new to physiotherapy when I first saw Gloria. She took the time to explain the benefits of each exercise to me and ensured I was able to recreate it on my own before the end of our session. Now that I see her more regularly, the pain has decreased and my mobility has been improved. Thanks Gloria!

— A.C.

I started seeing Gloria when I was training for my marathon race. She really emphasized the importance of incorporating strength training into my routine to ensure optimal performance, quite frankly it was something I haven't paid much attention to before. Gloria introduced me to some effective exercises, it made my runs stronger and I was able to bounce back quicker from long runs, I felt stronger than ever. Without the exercises, I think I may have succumbed to more stress on my thighs and hips. Gloria has a genuine interest in helping you achieve your fitness goals, thank you Gloria!